[linux-lvm] How to resize a PV located on a SAN LUN

Michael T. Babcock mike at mikebabcock.ca
Fri Apr 20 17:11:09 UTC 2007

Micha Holzmann wrote:
> Now i had to increase the size of partition of sda12 which is a LVM.
> I am not sure which is the right way. Within the storage managment
> software i can increase the size of the LUN. After rebooting the machine
> the additional space is appended at the end of partitions and it is
> marked as free. How can i now increase the LVM partition. Which
> tool/programm i do need for this task?

The easy way would be to create a new partition to use that free space, 
then use pvcreate to make it a physical volume and then add it to the 
volume group.  This would mean you'd have two physical volumes on the 
device belonging to the same volume group.
Michael T. Babcock

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