[linux-lvm] How to automate lvextend?

Andreas.Trawoeger at wgkk.at Andreas.Trawoeger at wgkk.at
Thu Aug 2 09:44:58 UTC 2007


Is there a sane or somewhat standard way to automate lvextend?

I'm running LVM2 on my laptop and I'm pretty happy with it (lvm is great 
if you run 3 different distros and disk space is tight).

Main problem I have is that I have to be quite restrictive with space 
allocation (it't difficult to add disk space to a laptop) and regularily 
run into full filesystems. Which is annoying and you end up having 
problems like not beeing able to log into KDE, because your home directory 
is full.

But is is extremly annoying when you would like to use snapshots. 
Snaphshots are a great way to keep older versions of your file, but they 
are basically useless if they either have to be unnecessarily  large (you 
won't have the disc space to do it), or get invalidated pretty often 
(which isn't what you want to happen to your backup).

In theory it shouldn't be too difficult to have a script that regularily 
checks the fill rate of your  filesystems and snapshots and do an lvextend 
if necessary. But for snapshots it would be great if lvm could do the 
lvextend by it self and it shouldn't be too difficult to teach ext3 to do 
the same with a normal lv.

cu andreas
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