[linux-lvm] won't dual boot: 2 disks and LVM

michael cs at networkingnewsletter.org.uk
Tue Dec 18 14:28:12 UTC 2007

I'm looking for a solution for (re-)installing WinXP on my slave disk
when I have Fedora and LVM on the master disk. In the past I've opened
up the box and unplugged the Fedora/LVM disk in order for WinXP to
install okay. But this seems much too drastic. Even swapping disk order
(in BIOS) doesn't help - WinXP installation sits there "forever" when
checking current config.

Whilst I cannot find any definite reference stating "MS WinXP cannot
handle LVM" it does seem to be the culprit. 

Anybody got any such definitive references or other help?

Thanks, Michael

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