[linux-lvm] won't dual boot: 2 disks and LVM

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at ActiveNetwerx.com
Tue Dec 18 18:19:09 UTC 2007

>Whilst I cannot find any definite reference stating "MS WinXP cannot
>handle LVM" it does seem to be the culprit.
>Anybody got any such definitive references or other help?
>Thanks, Michael

If you do this, you will destroy the mbr on the first disc making Fedora unbootable. You will then have to re-install grub and make sure your menu has an entry for winxp. As far as winxp hanging on install, I am not surprised as it doesn't understand/know of lvm or Linux at all. It's likely trying to analyze the disc and gets stuck. You may have less work in the long run if you do unplug it!

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