[linux-lvm] LVM changing bios from legacy/IDE to AHCI/Sata

Dwight Morgan dwightbulk at charter.net
Fri Feb 2 15:43:22 UTC 2007

I am running LVM on FC6 2.6.19 and would like to switch over from Legacy/IDE in the intel 965 bios to AHCI/SATA.  Of course, as soon as I change the bios setting fedora won't boot as it can't find any volumes.  I can see how to export the LVM settings, change the text file from hda1 to sda1, and restore it.  But I figure the odds of me screwing this up are good, and I don't see a good recovery method.

Any help on process/recovery?


PS.  Same drive, nothing changing other than a bios setting.
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