[linux-lvm] vgdisplay - checksum error - what does it mean?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Thu Feb 15 11:50:13 UTC 2007

Recently, I used "vgdisplay", and noticed that it gives a "checksum error":

# vgdisplay
   /dev/sda2: Checksum error
   --- Volume group ---
   VG Name               LVM2
   System ID
   Format                lvm2
   Metadata Areas        1
   Metadata Sequence No  49
   VG Access             read/write
   VG Status             resizable
   MAX LV                0
   Cur LV                34
   Open LV               34
   Max PV                0
   Cur PV                1
   Act PV                1
   VG Size               743.16 GB
   PE Size               4.00 MB
   Total PE              190250
   Alloc PE / Size       175807 / 686.75 GB
   Free  PE / Size       14443 / 56.42 GB
   VG UUID               yV2ADe-MeJd-dHbd-ExLP-AIu3-OTA2-u46qhl

Should I be scared? What does it mean? What should I do about it? I 
wouldn't like to loose the data.

If it helps, my setup looks like that:


I'm running kernel.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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