[linux-lvm] Re: Extending the Root Volume with LVM

Chris Osicki osk at admin.swisscom-mobile.ch
Tue Feb 20 10:45:18 UTC 2007


Have a look at ext2online. It comes with RHEL 4.


On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 12:35:45 -0800
Duane Clark <dclark at akamail.com> wrote:

> Sean McGlynn wrote:
> > I am working with RHEL 4 Update 4.  When initially installing the OS I 
> > allowed the installation to automatically partition the disk, and it 
> > used LVM to create a logical volume to mount the root file system.  The 
> > only other logical volume it created was for the swap file.
> >  
> > Now, as an experiment, I am attempting to extend the volume group and 
> > logical volume on which root is mounted.  Everything appeared to 
> > be going smoothly (extending the VG, extending the LV, doing a vgchange, 
> > and then a lvm lvchange), but I am now at the point where I want to run 
> > e2fsck to check the file system and resize2fs to resize the files system 
> > to realize the added space, and I can't do either because the volume is 
> > mounted, and cannot be unmounted.
> >  
> > I've read a few suggestions such as using the installation media to go 
> > in in rescue mode, but nothing seems to do the trick. 
> Why, what problems did you run into? When rescue mode asked you whether 
> you wanted it to find and mount the root partitions, did you select 
> "skip"? Here are step by step instructions on how I reduced the LVM (on 
> FC4), including e2fsck and resize2fs.
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/linux-lvm/2006-August/msg00081.html
> > I also read 
> > something that said that you cannot extend the root volume, and that you 
> > shouldn't have to.  This appears to be more accurate than anything else 
> > I've read.
> Definitely not true.
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