[linux-lvm] LVM - History

Philip Wright pvwrght at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 22 15:13:23 UTC 2007

shikam at yahoo.com wrote:
> Thaks for your help; my goal is to document LVM, from
> an architecture, and source code point of views:
> -The architecture will probably go back to 70’s or
> early 80’s.
> -The Source code will start from when LVM, started to
> exist as an open source product (1998??) , and the
> product that inspired the first release.
> Do you know if IBM licensed, LVM to HP, and also
> released it to the open source for linux developments?
> Did Linux (Sistina) LVM derived from the IBM's LVM? Is
> HP's LVM also drived from IBM's LVM? 
> Regards
> Shikam

My first experience with LVM (and the JFS filesystem)
was with IBM's excellent OS/2 operating system. I think
that LVM was a port from AIX, but JFS was a ground up
recode if memory serves. A quick google on LVM + OS/2
brings up loads of information.


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