[linux-lvm] Help: Mount point does not report full size of LV.

Nick Gyma nickgyma at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 23:30:47 UTC 2007

you know what.  i think that was the final step i just missed.  funny
because i was following the guide on the mythtv site.
thanks for helping me out guys.

for those following along:
i unmounted the path, it had me run "sudo e2fsck -f /dev/VGforMyth/video"
first, then i ran "sudo resize2fs -p /dev/VGforMyth/video", then remounted
it to /home/nick/video

it now shows up as 194.4GB under the file browser, which i guess is right
even though VGforMyth shows up as 208.31GB?

thanks again...
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