[linux-lvm] snapshot on root file system

jjletho67-mvl at yahoo.it jjletho67-mvl at yahoo.it
Tue Jan 2 10:21:30 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I use to make hot backup of a running system using the
lvm snapshot feature. I do backup of both data and
system partition (including root and var). Randomly,
when creating the snapshot logical volumes lvm
completely hang the system forcing me to hw reset the

Searching around about this problem I found that also
other lvm users suffer of a similar problem when the
root partition is involved, but I was unable to
understand what is the cause of the problem and if
there is a way to avoid it. Does LVM really support
root partition ? Does the problem involves only
snapshot or also other aspetcs ? Workaround ?

Thank you very much.


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