[linux-lvm] Poor LVM dump performance

Ross Vandegrift ross at kallisti.us
Wed Jan 24 03:33:52 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

I've run into som substantial read degredation when using dump or tar
to backup filesystems that are stored on LVM2 LVs.  Many times in the
past I have seen dump run at speeds approaching block device speeds;
50-60MiB/s, similar with tar.

I'm seeing speeds in the range of 3-4MiB/s when dumping a filesystem.
If I increase dump's blocksize to 128KiB records, speed jumps up to
about 20KiB/s, which is better but still frustratingly slow.  Going
to 1024KiB gets me about 28MiB/s.

Is this amount of performance loss expected?  My LV is just two SATA
hard disks that I put into a VG.  Stupid benchmarks with dd gives me a
raw read speed from the LV of about 60MiB/sec.

Any ideas on what's slowing down dump?

Ross Vandegrift
ross at kallisti.us

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