[linux-lvm] lvm fails trying to expand an LV into available space in VG.

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Thu Jul 19 13:10:26 UTC 2007

James Parsons wrote:
> Hi - I'm the s-c-lvm guy; this will take a bit to digest. Just wanted to 
> let you know you were heard.
> Yes, 3 minutes to scan for state seems a bit abnormal :)  
Actually, its more like 5-6 minutes (I get bored waiting and start doing 
other stuff). During boot up it takes about 8 seconds to activate the 
lvm volumes.

> Could you 
> strace it, please and attach output to bz247112? 
In case someone has the lvm skills and is willing to take a look to see 
if the system-config-lvm is generating a reasonable command, etc, note 
that I have provided the requested strace to 

Thanks, David Timms.

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