[linux-lvm] extending raw partition and logical partition

Gerry Reno greno at verizon.net
Fri Jul 20 00:16:14 UTC 2007

I have 3 disk physical partitions:

VolGroup02 uses physical volume /dev/sda2.
I needed some more space on my logical partition 
/dev/VolGroup02/LogVol00 (only LV in Group) so I went ahead and deleted 
/dev/sda3 which left a bunch of free space.  So then I went into fdisk 
and removed /dev/sda2 and recreated it with the same starting cyl and 
made the new end cyl the same as the old /dev/sda3 so I should have all 
the space in both the old partitions.  Rebooted, checked fdisk -l and 
sure enough it had all the space.  But now when I do a vgdisplay I still 
don't see any FREE PE.  It shows exactly the same as before I expanded 
the physical partition.  So how can I expand the LV if there is no FREE PE?

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