[linux-lvm] lvmcreate_initrd problem

Daniel Matters matters12 at ureach.com
Fri Jun 8 15:24:25 UTC 2007

Im having trouble create initrd using lvmcreate_initrd when
mounting root lvm, and /boot ext3 and all other lvm
(usr,var,opt,home) from slack 11dvd

Heres the log:

lvmcreate_initrd 2.6.18

lvmcreate_initrd -- make LVM initial ram disk

lvmcreate_initrd -- finding required shared libraries
lvmcreate_initrd -- stripping shared libraries
cp: cannot stat `(0xffffe000)': No such file or directory
lvmcreate_initrd -- ERROR copying shared library (0xffffe000) go
ram disk

Wondering where is the problem, and what means
cp: cannot stat `(0xffffe000)': No such file or directory ?

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