[linux-lvm] moving disk from PPC to x86

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Wed Jun 27 20:47:12 UTC 2007

I'm trying to move some disks from my PPC desktop to a dedicated
server. Yesterday my system looked like this:

  1. /dev/md0     372.61Gb  (sda1+missing)
  2. /dev/hdb      74.53Gb
  3. /dev/sdb     298.09Gb

Now with the paycheck, I bought a third SATA disk (400Gb). I new from
the start that disk wouldn't fit in my desktopbox, so I also bought a
500W PSU (I had a huge server case without PSU from previously).

I was a little impatient, so I added the new disk (physically just
dangling outside the box :) to the LVM (as md1+missing).

The idea was to re-create sdb as mdX+missing, so I tried pvmove sdb.
But instantly received a lot of errors. Now I can't remove it
from the VG!

I figured this had/might have something to do with the (very) small
PSU in the workstation (250W I think it is).

My new server is a i386, and I already had a disk with Linux installed
for Intel, so that disk was also moved (from another server I don't
need any more - it was a Pentium 1 - to slow! :).

In with the system disk, in with the LVM disk and started. The system
had to be upgraded (from Ubuntu 6.xx to 7.04 - Feisty). Took a couple
of hours, and when that was done, I started to get the MD's working.
No go... One of the disks didn't even have a partition table!? None
of the disks had a MD [info/rootblock/whatever-it-was-called].

I wasn't really scared, I knew I haven't tried to modify the disks.
Put everything back into the PPC, and yes, everything works as
expected (exept the read errors from sdc/md1).

So, long winded explanation of what i've done, any idea about:

  1. How do I remove md1/sdc before I get data on it (i have the
     LVM unmounted for the time being).
  2. How do I move a VG/PV/LV from PPC to x86?

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