[linux-lvm] Questions

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Sun Mar 4 01:59:38 UTC 2007

Which display commands display on-disk metadata, which display 
lvmtab/lvmtab.d, and which display kernel data structures?  I'd like to 
know if the metadata is trashed on my original two PVs, or just on
the new one I tried to add.

Given my situation described previously (where vgextend/me screwed up and 
kernel data is fine, VG is active, but disk metadata seems to be toast),
should I run vgcfgrestore on the live VG in the hope that things might 
boot?  I have Centos-3  /etc/lvmconf backups of metadata (I think) for
prior to the attempt to vgextend.

What is the equivalent of pvremove (which is what I needed) in LVM1?
I tried using pvcreate "I'm really really sure", but that seems to have
screwed up.  If VG metadata is stored at the beginning of a PV, then
I guess dd might be the answer.

Does the last /etc/lvmconf entry respresent the result of the last 
command?  Or is it a backup of things just before the last autobackup

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