[linux-lvm] WARNING: Ignoring duplicate config node: filter (seeking filter)

David Brown lvm at davidb.org
Mon Mar 5 18:19:30 UTC 2007

Cisco wrote:
>  Hi all,
>  after upgrading (compiling from source)LVM2 and device
>  mapper, i always get the warning message "WARNING: Ignoring
>  duplicate config node: filter (seeking filter)" when doing
>  "lvm version" or any other lvm command.
>  Does anyone know what's going on and if i should be
>  concerned about this, or even better: What is the meaning of
>  this message and how can i get rid of it.

You have multiple "filter = " lines in your lvm config file.  Previous
versions ignored this (but appeared to only use one of them).  You
need to specify all of the filtering you want in one list.


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