[linux-lvm] Mounting part of a logical volume?

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Since you know you overwrote one disk and no hope of recovery on that,
do a vgreduce to get the disk out of the volume group and then try to
mount your lvols. It may let you do it if enough extents are available
via your second disk.





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I have a Fedora Core 6 system with a root volume group (VolGroup00)
spanning 2 physical drives. Through my own negligence the first drive
got overwritten when the system was rebooted with a bootable cd in the
drive. This effectively reformated the primary drive but left the second
drive intact. What I would like to do is mount the second drive to see
if there is any data worth retrieving before rebuilding the system. 

I can boot onto a rescue CD so I can access the drive through lvm.
lvdisplay reports that it cannot find all of the physical volumes which
makes sense as the other drive was reformatted. pvscan also reports a
missing drive. 

Can anyone give me a pointer on what might be my next step?



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