[linux-lvm] vg attributes (vg_attr) in vgs program don't seem to match the man page

Milan Broz mbroz at redhat.com
Mon Mar 26 09:05:41 UTC 2007

ben scott wrote:
> The explanation of the attribute bits printed by the program "vgs" in the man 
> page are as follows:
> The vg_attr bits are:  (w)riteable, (r)ead only, resi(z)eable, e(x)ported, 
> (p)artial and (c)lustered.
> However "vgs" on my debian Etch system prints out this way:

See lib/report/report.c in sources for exact description,

Short overview
(note that some attributes are used for hidden volumes only which are parts
of snapshot, mirror, etc...)

PV attributes
|`- exported (vg) [x|-]
`-- allocatable [a|-]

VG attributes

|||||`- clustered [c|-]
||||`-- allocation policy (c)ontiguous,(C)ling,(n)ormal,(a)nywhere,(i)nherit
|||`--- partial vg [p|-]
||`---- exported vg [x|-]
|`----- resizeable vg [z|-]
`------ writable [w|r]

LV attributes

|||||`- open [o|-]
||||`-- (s)uspended,(a)ctive,(i)nactive((d)without mapping table),
||||    (I)nvalid snapshot, invalid (S)uspended snapshot [s|a|i|d|S|I]
|||`--- fixed minor [m|-]
||`---- allocation policy (if locked ->capitalized) [c|C|n|a|i]
|`----- writable (in pvmove '-') [w|r|-]
`------ type: (p)vmoved, (m)irrored ((M) not synced), mirror (i)mage,(l)og,
                (v)irtual, snapshot (o)rigin/(s)cow [p|m|M|i|l|v|o|s|-]

mbroz at redhat.com

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