A bug in report.c? WAS: [linux-lvm] vg attributes (vg_attr) in vgs program don't seem to match the man page

ben scott benscott at nwlink.com
Mon Mar 26 22:47:20 UTC 2007

On Monday 26 March 2007 02:05:41 am Milan Broz wrote:
> See lib/report/report.c in sources for exact description,
> Short overview
> (note that some attributes are used for hidden volumes only which are parts
> of snapshot, mirror, etc...)
> VG attributes
> wz--n-
> |||||`- clustered [c|-]
> ||||
> ||||`-- allocation policy
> |||| (c)ontiguous,(C)ling,(n)ormal,(a)nywhere,(i)nherit
> |||

<From the LVM2.2.02.24 source>
The following lines in report.c seems to show that (c) will become (C) if the 
lv is locked:

	repstr[2] = _alloc_policy_char(lv->alloc);

        	if (lv->status & LOCKED)
                	repstr[2] = toupper(repstr[2]);

That is also what the man page claims. However the start of report.c show 

 switch (alloc) {
        case ALLOC_CONTIGUOUS:
                return 'c';
        case ALLOC_CLING:
                return 'C';
        case ALLOC_NORMAL:
                return 'n';
        case ALLOC_ANYWHERE:
                return 'a';
                return 'i';

Isn't that a conflict, or am I reading this wrong? BTW I am not a professional 
programmer nor do I play one on TV. 

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