[linux-lvm] Problems removing snapshots

Dominik Epple epple at tphys.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Mar 30 08:27:49 UTC 2007

Hi list,

I have two snapshot volumes:

# lvs
  LV        VG         Attr   LSize  Origin Snap%  Move Copy%
  home      lvm_share  owi-ao 44.00G
  mail      lvm_share  owi-ao  4.00G
  snap_home lvm_share  swi-a-  6.00G home    63.72
  snap_mail lvm_share  swi-a-  1.00G mail    23.68

When I try to remove one of them...

# lvremove -d -v /dev/lvm_share/snap_mail
    Using logical volume(s) on command line
Do you really want to remove active logical volume "snap_mail"? [y/n]: y
    Archiving volume group "lvm_share" metadata.
    Found volume group "lvm_share"
    Loading lvm_share-mail-real
    Loading lvm_share-snap_mail-cow
    Loading lvm_share-snap_mail

... it seems to take forever (at least it does not complete within
minutes), and the load of the machine goes up very high (larger than
10, and still increasing), and finally, I need to reboot the machine
with the reset button.

How can I get rid of my snapshots?

The system is debian sarge on amd64 with a custom kernel and standard
debian packages of lvm etc.

# uname -a
Linux hostname #1 SMP Wed Nov 22 11:58:25 CET 2006
x86_64 GNU/Linux

Thanks, Dominik.
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