[linux-lvm] lvm library progress?

Greg_Swift at aotx.uscourts.gov Greg_Swift at aotx.uscourts.gov
Mon Nov 26 15:22:58 UTC 2007

The python library I was working on has only gotten so far.  It does still
rely on the lvm commands, at this point *display gathers information. Due
to the lack of response from people here and my OCD oriented tendancies to
have it be "right" I've actually only ended up implementing very basic
functionality.  Right now you can gather information about a pv, vg, or lv.
You can run vgcfgbackup, and then you can restore a pv referencing that
file, and you can restore a vg and its lvs with the vgcfgrestore command.
It also imports data from an XML utility a co-worker wrote so that in a
restore environment you can populate the objects without being able to pull
their info from the system. (effectively pickling the data, but with xml).

The template for the other functions is there and easy to populate, and the
display function might need to be migrated from *display to *s.
Unfortunately I got little feed back so this is as far as I've gotten since
its all i have to have for the application I'm writing.  Long-term I'd like
to see a more complete module, but I would need a more detailed
understanding of LVM, imo, to do that.  And while I keep reading up, I
don't know how detailed of an understanding I will ever really have.


linux-lvm-bounces at redhat.com wrote on 11/25/2007 11:12:31 PM:

> I saw a recent reference on this list to the development  of a
> library for lvm
> functions. Is this at a point where it could be used for anything useful?
> have written a program that calls the lvm programs directly but would
> to use a library if possible. Even if only some functions are done that
> still be helpful.
> Thank you.
> Ben Scott
> benscott at nwlink.com
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