[linux-lvm] the lvm shared storage question of the week

Jean Spirat jeanspirat at squirk.org
Tue Aug 5 13:36:52 UTC 2008

Hello there,

  Is there any hint or any links anyone could share for the use of lvm 
on an AOE storage (shared block device over the network). I wanted to 
know how to create lvm group on a device that is shared among several host.

so i use debian 4 servers that acces a AOE target drive. The servers all 
mount the etherdrive and i want to use lvm to partition this 4Terabyte  
block device in smaller chunck. what should be the best way to do that ?

 While googling about this i found  references to clvm but no 
documentation i could use on how to set it up. Is this the way to go ?


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