[linux-lvm] LVM with large arrays, one large or mutiple small PV's?

Andrea Ghelardi a.ghelardi at iontrading.com
Wed Aug 13 16:05:52 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Could I "push" this request?

I'm in a very similar situation, and I googled for two entire days but it
seems that there is no "advanced" documentation on this topic.

Also, do we have some ideas about the overhead introduced by having more
smaller PVs instead of a few bigger ones?


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Hello - This is a best practices style question.

LVM with large arrays, one large or mutiple small PV's?

What is the suggested physical partition layout with large hardware RAID
arrays (is NAS or SAN) in the case where there can be one VG?

ie I have two Raid 5 Arrays that can either present one large logical volume
ie 3.5T and 2.9T each or a multiple smaller logical volumes ie 500G.

Would it be better have the hardware present add multiple smaller logical
volumes to as PV's or the single larger volumes?

If there is a need for multiple VG's then obviously there needs to be
multiple PVs.

The smaller volumes would have the advantage of being able to pvmoved to
other hardware in the future with more flexibility due to the size of PV's.

There would be some overhead space lost due to the multiple PV's, although
this would be small.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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