[linux-lvm] devices clarification

David Robinson zxvdr.au at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 15:03:12 UTC 2008

> In the following output, are the numbers in the parentheses the starting PE
> of that LV?
>   VG        LV        KMin Devices
>   vg00      lvol1     0    /dev/sda2(0)
>   vg00      lvol4     1    /dev/sda2(32)
>   vg00      lvol7     2    /dev/sda2(64)
>   vg00      lvol5     3    /dev/sda2(192)
>   vg00      lvol3     4    /dev/sda2(208)
>   vg00      lvol6     5    /dev/sda2(272)
>   vg00      lvol6     5    /dev/sda2(1136)
>   vg00      lvol2     6    /dev/sda2(304)
>   vg00      lvol8     7    /dev/sda2(496)

You didn't show the command that you used, but yes, it looks like they
are. The devices and seg_pe_ranges parameters for lvs show the details
you're after, eg:

# lvs -o lv_name,vg_name,seg_start,seg_size,devices,seg_pe_ranges
  LV     VG   Start SSize  Devices         PE Ranges
  fedora vg0     0   9.75G /dev/dm-0(0)    /dev/dm-0:0-311
  home   vg0     0  44.44G /dev/dm-0(312)  /dev/dm-0:312-1733
  swap   vg0     0   1.50G /dev/dm-0(1734) /dev/dm-0:1734-1781


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