[linux-lvm] volume group device nodes are left behind after removing a san snapshot

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Thu Dec 4 22:44:07 UTC 2008

I had a san snapshot attached to a server with a volume group on it.  I
deactivated the snapshot, but the volume group node still exists at


I've tried pvscan and vgmknodes to try and get rid of it, but they
complain about not being able to read /dev/sdh1 and the node remains.
This is a problem because it will not let me create a new volume group
with that same name, and it must have the same name because it is part
of a script.


I'm sure a reboot would get rid of it, but this is a 24/7 server and any
downtime is a huge ordeal.  If anyone knows how to force the removal of
the volume group without rebooting, it would be a big help.



James Dinkel


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