[linux-lvm] add mirror to already existing LV?

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I think that for each existing Lv you have to make lvconvert -m1 /dev/
vg00/lv00_root and so on. at the end you have fully mirrored your existing 

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I have Fedora 8 system with operating system installed on a small
(18GB) hard disk.  A second disk (320GB) is being added to hold
user data.  Now that there is a second disk, I would like to alter
the existing LVs so they have mirrors.  Is this possible?
I couldn't find anything that looked promising on the lvchange(8)
man page.

- Don

Some of the gory details:
# lvmdiskscan
/dev/sda1 [      196.08 MB]
/dev/sda2 [       16.75 GB] LVM physical volume
/dev/sdb1 [      196.08 MB]
/dev/sdb2 [      297.90 GB] LVM physical volume
0 disks
2 partitions
0 LVM physical volume whole disks
2 LVM physical volumes

# pvscan
PV /dev/sda2   VG vg00   lvm2 [16.75 GB / 32.00 MB free]
PV /dev/sdb2   VG vg00   lvm2 [297.88 GB / 297.88 GB free]
Total: 2 [314.62 GB] / in use: 2 [314.62 GB] / in no VG: 0 [0   ]

# vgs
VG   #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize   VFree
vg00   2   5   0 wz--n- 314.62G 297.91G

# lvscan
ACTIVE            '/dev/vg00/lv00_root' [8.00 GB] inherit
ACTIVE            '/dev/vg00/lv04_home' [4.22 GB] inherit
ACTIVE            '/dev/vg00/lv02_var' [1.50 GB] inherit
ACTIVE            '/dev/vg00/lv03_varlog' [2.00 GB] inherit
ACTIVE            '/dev/vg00/lv01_swap' [1.00 GB] inherit

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