[linux-lvm] How to 'copy' a volume?

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Fri Jan 4 21:08:46 UTC 2008

On Fri, 4 Jan 2008, Erich Weiler wrote:

> > # dd if=/dev/volgroup00/original of=/dev/volgroup00/clone bs=300k
> It was probably slow, as you say, but it turns out our machines were 
> powered off by one of the other guys in our group because the UPS was 
> draining fast.  Power was lost because of a major storm on the central 
> California coast.

You can use iostat to see throughput while dd is in progress.  If
you're ambitious, you can try various blocksizes to find the optimum
for your system.

Oh.  And *don't* get source and target mixed up with dd.  I did that
once ....

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