[linux-lvm] How to set the "OPEN" - Attribute manual to 0

David Steinberg klusou at gmx.de
Wed Jan 23 15:42:31 UTC 2008


i am using Xen and LVM2. On one Hypervisor - Machine (Dom0) i have a very special problem. When I create a Windows - machine on a logical - volume (lv), an Windows makes a partition within, i cannot 
"lvchange -an /dev/vg/lv " because vgdisplay shows me an Open-Count of 1. After deleting the partition within (fdisk /dev/vg/lv), its "open" count is zero again and ich can handel the lv normally.
The same procedure on a different pc shows "OPEN = 0" in the moment when the Virtual machine is stopped.

Primary - I am interrested in how to change this attribute

Secondary - What goes wrong

Sry for my bad english.

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