[linux-lvm] Recovering LVM Volume

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Wed Jan 23 22:42:43 UTC 2008

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Jim Secan wrote:

> The issue is trying to mount a drive that was the primary internal HD for
> a system with a failed motherboard.  The disk was built using FC3, and has
> a a /boot partition and one under LVM control.  When I try to mount this
> disk as a USB drive from a CentOS system, I can't mount the LVM-controlled
> partition because it has the same LVM volume/group name as the disk in the
> CentOS system.
> 2.  Rename the volume on the USB HD.  This requires me to power down the
> CentOS system, open the box, disconnect the internal HD, boot to the
> installation CD in rescue mode, use lvm commands to rename the USB HD, and
> then put everything back together again.  This sounds overly complicated,
> but necessary.
> So, have I understood all this correctly?  Are these the only two ways in
> which this problem can be surmounted, and if so which is the safest.  I'm
> thinking that I want to rename the internal HD to something other than the
> default setting anyway, but I really don't like the idea that I might miss
> changing the name in some important file or script that will bite me
> later.

3. Plug the USB HD into any available system with a different/no internal 
VG name and rename.  Stick a LiveCD into one of your LTSP thin clients
for instance.

4. Rename the USB HD using the UUID:
   # vgrename -v [VGUUID] newvgname

   From the man page:
   "vgrename Zvlifi-Ep3t-e0Ng-U42h-o0ye-KHu1-nl7Ns4 VolGroup00_tmp"
   changes the name of the Volume Group with UUID
   Zvlifi-Ep3t-e0Ng-U42h-o0ye-KHu1-nl7Ns4 to "VolGroup00_tmp".

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