[linux-lvm] Is it possible to stripe part of a LV?

Larry Dickson ldickson at cuttedge.com
Wed Jul 2 20:18:18 UTC 2008

Hi all,

It says in Wikipedia that LVM can "Stripe whole or parts of logical volumes
across multiple PVs", but I haven't been able to find anything about how to
stripe part. What I want is a LV of which the first gigabyte is PV1 (a solid
state disk) and all the rest is striped across PV2 and PV3 (each several
terabytes). Is there any way to do this other than by creating VGA and
(striped) LVA out of PV2 and PV3 and then, in nested fashion, creating VGB
and (linear) LVB out of PV1 and PV(LVA)? What I would prefer is a VG out of
PV1, PV2, PV3, and then point the striping at PV2 and PV3 only.


Larry Dickson
Cutting Edge Networked Storage
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