[linux-lvm] How to "clone" a logical volume

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Fri Mar 7 16:37:07 UTC 2008

Lionel Kernux schrieb:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the reply.
> I'm talking about LVM uuid...I assumed that it is stored somwhere on
> the actual LV...is this not the case? If not, my problem is solved!
> So...Just to be sure:
> If I dd my source LV to my destination LV (which has alraedy been
> created through  lvcreate) then LVM wont care and will activate it and
> all will be well?

Yep, it will work just fine.

You may also consider using snapshots, although it has some performance 
penalties involved.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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