[linux-lvm] vgimport without vgexport (hardware crash)

Taylor Lewick tlewick at tradebotsystems.com
Tue Mar 18 16:00:17 UTC 2008

We have a database server accessing a disk array. (Array supports only a
single host connection)

Should that server suffer a hardware failure, we'd like to connect up a
standby server to take its place.

So in the event of a bad hardware failure, I won't be able to unmount
the filesystems, vgchange -an, and vgexport the volume groups.


Can I expect a vgscan and vgimport to work on the new server if I wasn't
able to run vgexport?  Any other data I would need to make this work?

I know in HP-UX you were able to run a vgexport in output mode only, and
give it a map file and you could then import using this map file in this




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