[linux-lvm] F7 will not boot after running backup w/snapshot

Gerry Reno greno at verizon.net
Thu May 1 20:30:38 UTC 2008

Alasdair G Kergon wrote:
> On Thu, May 01, 2008 at 04:21:00PM -0400, Gerry Reno wrote:
>> At least in the case where the snapshot is read-only (LVM1 default, LVM2 
>> by config?), if the snapshot is lost, invalid, not removed from VG prior 
>> to reboot, when LVM comes back up it should see this and immediately 
>> know that it can just vgreduce VG --removemissing for the old snapshot.  
>> In the case of rw (no LVM1, LVM2 default), it should be a user choice 
>> and LVM should prompt the user at boot as to whether to remove this old 
>> snapshot so it can attempt to activate the VG.  Unless the user knows 
>> that there were non-backup related lvm mods written during the snapshot 
>> (eg: pvmove) then the user will just answer yes and the system should 
>> boot.  This is how LVM should operate in this scenario.
> If you want your system to do that, update your initrd/initscripts
> accordingly to run the appropriate lvm2 commands to do that!
> Alasdair

I can certainly do that. But I think this applies in the general case 
and should be included as standard behavior in LVM. This is a much more 
robust means of dealing with this scenario that having LVM just refuse 
to mount the volume when the only issue is a bad snapshot.


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