[linux-lvm] Can I implement RAID1 through LVM2 instead of using mdadm?

Henry, Andrew andrew.henry at logica.com
Fri May 23 11:00:53 UTC 2008

I have seen in the man page that there is an --mirrors option, but how do I do this?  Do I:

Pvcreate my 2 identical eSATA drives
Vgcreate and assign both drives to the vg
Lvcreate --mirrors

Will this mirror one of the discs in the vg to the other disc in the vg automatically or do I have so explicitely define this somehow?

How do I check that it works??

I have a problem with mdadm where it cannot handle my eSATA discs spinning down into standby mode.  I do not really want to disable standby mode.  Can LVM handle this?  Does it wait until the discs spin up again or does it error if it cannot access one of the pvs in the vg?


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