[linux-lvm] pvmove and 100% IO Wait

Jeremy Lyon jerlyon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 17:33:05 UTC 2008

> > Might not be, but if an operation involves multiple disks it will
> > probably go at the pace of the slowest disk, which for me has always
> > been USB...
> I agree about the speed- but not with the issue of hanging. When pvmove
> works the IO load is moderate (about 20% or less). But when it hangs it
> jumps up to 100% on one or more cores.
I ran into similar issues when attempting a pvmove with clustered VG's under
CLVMD.  I had to change the clustered VG to non-clustered and then I could
do the pvmove.  You didn't mention clusters, but thought I would share my

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