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Michael Jensen beachhangar at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 22:58:15 UTC 2008

The information shown from a nov 2007 post has been very useful - much appreciated.

There are some circumstances with the case I am working on that complicates the process a bit.

After having removed the master volume from the host and presenting just a snapshot, I have been able to change the physical uuid, and rename the volume group. If I then re-introduce the master volume there is no conflict (no-duplicates) found by the lvm utilities and can mount both sucessfully.

The constraints I am operating under require the master volume not to disappear - i.e. production system and volume.

If I filter out the snapshot and leave the accept (a) portion - "a|.*|" in the filter line, then a conflict is reported by pvscan, but not between sda and sdb but between sdb and the device-mapper string that appears to use the FC WWN.  
If I remove the accept portion then there is no conflict during pvscan.  
If I attempt to do a --
pvchange --uuid /dev/sda
Failed to read physical volume /dev/sda
0 physical volumes changed / 0 physical volumes not changed

Is the filtered out device name (/dev/sda) supposed to be available to the lvm utilities?


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On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 06:37:51PM -0800, Michael Jensen wrote:
> I have a need to edit the metadata on an LVM2 PV.


If you really have to, please do this using the supplied tools - it's *much*

vgcfgbackup gives you a text file, edit it, vgcfgrestore puts it back.

If you need to edit the label too, careful use of pvcreate --restorefile --uuid
plus vgcfgrestore lets you do that.

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