[linux-lvm] Let's try again with the lvm mirror failure.

Gary Desrochers garybrenda at comcast.net
Fri Nov 28 21:09:19 UTC 2008

I will try one more time. Can someone please tell me if it is possible to
recover a mirrored drive?  If not then why are so many people using mirrors
out there?

In a previous message posted to the forums I said:

> I had a disk failure for my lvm mirror.  It was between two disks.  This
was a failure of the primary.
> I have been trying to recover the mirror but I cannot find directions as
to what to do.
> Seems like if I create a new partition, give it the old uuid and then try
to load everything I get superblock errors.
> So how do you fix up from a crashed primary mirror?

As a second question, I know the extents and such.  Is there a way to copy
off the data into a non-lvm partition?  At this point I will even take that.
 I just want to get to the data.

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