[linux-lvm] pvresize complains about too many metadata

Fabio Coatti fabio.coatti at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 09:04:41 UTC 2008

2008/11/30 Stuart D. Gathman <stuart at bmsi.com>:
> Fabio Coatti wrote:
>> Hi all, I'm playing a bit with lvm/raid on linux, (on a pretty
>> experimental box) and now I'm facing a problem that leaves me a bit
>> stuck
>> Basically, I've a volume group based on several mdraid partition
>> (vg1  with md0/md1/md4 as pvs)
>> recently I've increased the size of md1/md4 arrays by adding more
>> disks and /proc/mdstats shows that the operation was successful.
> Why not just add another md device?

Sorry? I've added one disk to a raid5 array, I can't figure out how I
can add more md devices.
basically, the question is: given a correct and successful operation
on the underlying block device, why lvm is complaining about too much
metadata? is there any way to fix this behaviour?

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