[linux-lvm] Help with LVM reconstruction

Robin Thompson robane00 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 5 19:09:56 UTC 2008

My system decided that it would set me a new challenge a few days ago - break its storage hardware.  Basically, I have 4x750gb  connected to an Adaptec 2610sa raid card.  Because of 2Tb limit, this is configured into 2 RAID 5 arrays - one 2tb and the other 50gb 
This is presented to my debian system as /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc.   These are combined into LVM volume and thus I have (or had) my 2.1tb volume.
Anyway, one drive went, and then the power supply decided to fail as well, thereby making the raid card mark another array as failed (interestingly only 1 of the arrays as failed (it was rebuilding at the time of power failure)*
In short the data is intact, and I have found a program called RAID Reconstructor that will produce an image file of the RAID 5 arrays. This will be hopefully 2.05tb file.
I've read that I can use losetup and vgscan to create LVM from 2 image files. But i'm unsure of how to proceed with when i have only one file which is combination of both.
Anyone out there any advice or help?
Furthermore the Raid reconstructer has further software that lets me read the resultant image file (technically it can produce a virtual image as well) - the windows software states it can read ext2/3 volumes  - but it can't find any in this virtual image file. But would this be the case in an image file of 2 PVs of a LVM? But i can visually inspect the data  - the first few sectors in text produce what seems to be an intact LVM config "text file".
* I could still produce a DD image of the 50gb array - but i'm hesitant to do this as i'm unsure of the stability of that system. 
Thanks for your help.  I'm a newbie with LVM, but i'm confident with linux in general. 
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