[linux-lvm] New to LVM

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu Oct 16 09:09:35 UTC 2008

Looks very good, but have a few questions before setting up that disk:

1. Realttime patch kernels -- use with these, io performance hit for audio 

2. LV for /? LV_ROOT--Ok to do this? Avoid it? OK if device mapper compiled in 
kernel (I do not use an initrd)?

3. Changes to /etc/fstab look straightforward. Changes to lilo.conf (yes, 
there are those of us who have not switched to grub)?

4. If I leave / as regular partition, how big should this be (containing /lib, 
/bin, /sbin, /etc, etc.)? Boot on this or separate or does it matter?

5. I will create all this on by hdd, copy everything into the fileystems from 
my current hdb and then move the hdd to the hdb slot. Docs say this is OK (and 
imply that I could even try it out booting from the old hdb  /boot). True?

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