[linux-lvm] pvmove abort

Sebastian Walter sebastian.walter at fu-berlin.de
Thu Sep 11 14:20:39 UTC 2008

Dear list,

I have a problem recovering from an aborted pvmove process. I have a
volume group called storage consisting of 2 partitions (PV's) with 2 TB
each (let's call them A and B). I added a third partition (let's call it
C) using vgextend. Now I did a pvmove A to move A's content to C but
recognized that it would take a long time so I canceled the pvmove
pressing ctrl-c.

After that I saw that some data was already written on the formerly
empty PV C. I tried to pvmove this new pv out of the volume group, but
pvmove refuses to work with the following error:

Skipping locked LV storage
Skipping mirror LV pvmove0
No data to move for storage

There is an additional LV on the VG now called pvmove0. I dont
understand what pvmove does, but this LV seems to be a mirror. Does this
mean that everything is still on the old PV and I can delete the LV
pvmove0? The VG in total seems to be ok.

How can I unlock the volume and free the pv? Any help is greatly

Best regards,

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