[linux-lvm] striping questions

Jeremy Lyon jerlyon at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 15:43:34 UTC 2008

Howdy everyone,

I've got a couple questions regarding striping....

1. Is it possible to convert a LV from linear to striped mapping or would I
have to create a new LV with striped mapping and move data from the old LV
to the new?

2. Is it better to stripe with device-mapper or LVM or a combination of
both.  We have 77 33.1GB LUNs that we will be creating many GFS file systems
from.  Our current thought is to have all of the LUNs in one VG for easier
management.  I'm looking for pros and cons of striping with device-mapper
vs. LVM, for 1) performance and 2) manageability (adding future LUNs and
extending file systems, etc...).

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