[linux-lvm] Mirrored LV

Koen Vermeer koen at vermeer.tv
Tue Sep 16 20:20:47 UTC 2008

Op dinsdag 16-09-2008 om 21:56 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Georges
> I confirm that you have to use 3 disks to mirror a VG with the actual 
> version of software.

I assume you mean that you have to use 3 disks if you want to put the
log on disk? I mean, you can use 2 disks and have the log in memory,
In any way, if you indeed need 3 disks when putting the log on disk,
then the man page seems to be misleading.

> P.S. At home, I do not use the whole PV for my LV.
> Each PV is split in two dissymitrical parts : a small 100 M partition 
> and the rest of the device. The small partition is used for a software 
> RAID (md) to hold the /boot. The rest of the disk as a regular PV used 
> to build the mirrored VG/LV. This way, if one disk breaks I still can 
> boot onto the remaining  one. Of course, it is a manual boot but easier 
> compared to searching a useable rescue CD and the correct kernel 
> version. Think about it.

I currently have a small /boot partition on both disks, mirrored with
RAID 1. The rest of the disks are LVM partitions. I like the flexibility
of having everything (except /boot) as LVM partitions, rather than
separating them into unmirrored and RAID 1 partitions. But maybe I'm
just out of luck here...


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