[linux-lvm] Moving a lvm volume to a new computer

francois at saidi-oliver.com francois at saidi-oliver.com
Wed Sep 24 13:08:41 UTC 2008


I am little bit new to lvm concept but i've set up a lvm volume on a raid1
as follow :
i have two physical disks sda and sdb. They have both 2 partitions which
makes the md0 and md1 of the raid. I've set up the /boot on the md0 and an
lvm (called RaidLvm) on md1 (with 4 partitions /, /usr, /home and /var).
Everything works fine. The problem began when i added a bunch of two disks
(hda and hdb) with no raid but a large lvm partition over the two of them
(called data) (this lvm comes from a previous computer).
When i try to boot, the kernel finds the data lvm but cannot find the
and just stops booting...
I've tried to export the data lvm, but that doens't help...

Any idea?


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