[linux-lvm] Clarifications wanted about locking process

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 00:13:39 UTC 2009


Since I updated from lvm2 2.02.48 to 2.02.51, I'm getting this message
on boot-up:

Write locks are prohibited with --ignorelockingfailure.
Unable to obtain global lock.

I found that it comes from the: "/sbin/lvm vgscan
--ignorelockingfailure --mknodes" command in /etc/rc.sysinit.  I was
getting the same message from "/sbin/lvm vgchange
--ignorelockingfailure -a y" when using the 2.02.49 (or 2.02.50?)

Is this just an harmless informational message?  I don't understand
why it would want a write lock when scanning or activating volume
groups. Wouldn't a read lock be sufficient?  Also, shouldn't the use
of the --ignorelockingfailure option disable all locking-related
warnings?  Any clarifications would be appreciated.


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