[linux-lvm] lvm2 specificiation

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Fri Feb 6 15:10:42 UTC 2009

Les Mikesell wrote:
>> It was an early design decision that every VG on a system should have a
>> different name.  Departures from that won't get supported - because
>> it's so
>> simple to choose different names!
> How do you move drives around among machines then, if they have been
> created with the default names that will conflict?

SAN based snapshots are the legitimate reason to wish for multiple VGs
with the same name.  However, it is simpler all around if there was an
easy way to relabel SAN snapshots before the duplicate names (and VGIDs)
cause trouble.

Apart from SAN snapshots, my rule of thumb is that local fixed drives
are always called "rootvg".  All removeable, SAN, or other drives that
are likely to logically or physically move between machines get unique
VG names.  In the rare event I need to mount a rootvg from a failed
machine on a working machine (has happened only once), I boot from CD to
rename it (and the unique VGIDs make this doable).
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