[linux-lvm] lvm 'filter = [...]' by VG or LV name?

PGNet pgnet.trash+lvm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 20:35:34 UTC 2009

i've a RAID device, with a VolumeGroup & a LovicalVolume,

       /dev/md3 -> VG('VG01'):LV('test'):'/home/test'

i've added a new LV to VGO1's available space,

       lvcreate -n new_DomU -L 4G /dev/VG01
       dd if=.../template of=/dev/VG01/new_DomU

i need to *exclude* '/dev/VG01/new_DomU' from lvm scanning, but make
sure the 'home/test/ mount is still scanned.

in lvm.conf, if i set,

       filter =[ "a|/dev/md[3]|", "r|.*|" ]

it correctly excludes the entire block-dev, and it's VG/LV contents.
but, @ attempt to, e.g.,

       dd if=.../template of=/dev/VG01/new_DomU

then returns,

       Volume group "VG01" not found

iiuc, the 'filter=' specification filters on block-devices only, not
VG/LV names (at least i've not figured out a regex that works, yet).

is there any way to exclude just certain LVM's in/on a block device,
leaving the rest scannable?


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