[linux-lvm] About fstab and fsck

David Robinson zxvdr.au at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 21:58:16 UTC 2009

> I recently added a new disk ( secondary 750G) and added it into a VG  and
> then increased the size of the LV.
> Can you please advise of the following q:
> 1) Do we need to change anything in  /etc/fstab or the second disk will be
> automatically mounted on reboot?

You said you increased the size of a LV, not added a new LV. If you
added a new LV and created a filesystem on it you'd want to add it to
fstab, but if you're growing an existing LV and filesystem you
wouldn't need to change anything - the filesystem you grew would
already be listed in fstab. You did grow the filesystem too, right?
Why do you think you need to reboot?

> 2)  For 1.3 TB , fsck is going to take a long time
> Is it good idea disable fsck completely on reboot and or  do scheduled
> manual fsck.  Due to the nature of data , even manual fsck is not preffered
> though, but with tight budget, other things are not possible

Usually you'd want to have fsck enabled for your root filesystem, but
by the looks of it the LV and filesystem you grew _is_ your root
filesystem... so considering its size, I'd turn it off. Hopefully the
"fsck takes _forever_" problem will die when btrfs becomes the
standard filesystem.


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