[linux-lvm] clustered lvm without clvmd

Manuel Neuger mneuger at gmx.at
Thu Feb 12 10:36:57 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have a lvm VG on top of a iscsi lun, and want to share that on 
multiple hosts in order to run kvm virtual machines on logical volumes.

I recently noticed that xen-server also do this, but they do not run clvmd. Can someone explain how that could work?

I also detected that I can protect LVs by using 'tags'. That way I can
make sure that LVs are only activated by one host?

It is also no problem to restrict VG write access to one host (master). 

The only problem I see is how to propagate metadata changes to the other
nodes. How do I make sure that metadata is written back to the iscsi storage? And is it enough to simple issue a 'vgsvan' on all nodes? Or is
that a bad idea?

- Manuel

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